Momma’s Got a Brand New Blog

Welcome to! Pull up a chair and get comfy because I plan to be here awhile and you should, too! I know I just put up a poll like yesterday asking if people liked my blog name, and then I went and waited approximately six hours before registering it, but last I checked the vote was unanimous and I decided to go with my instinct and that of my six readers and register already before someone else registered it. I think it was a smart decision.

So anyway, I’m still getting things set up, I haven’t moved anything yet and I’m still in the middle of learning CSS so I can make this thing pretty, but thanks must go to the amazing Sadish @ WordPress Rocks – she’s the mastermind behind my theme which allows a custom header, something which apparently isn’t common in the land of .org. My theme is called ilovemusic (and I do, conveniently) and you can download it here if you like it, too.

Anyway, I’m off – things to do, plug-ins to find, css to manipulate, but I’ll be back later to tell you all about our trip to the pumpkin patch and all the other fun things we have planned for this weekend (with pictures, hopefully)! Have a great weekend guys!


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