I won’t be around much to blog while I should be doing important stuff today, because the hubby and I are taking MM to Boston for the day! The last time we went to Boston was about 3 years ago, we were dating at the time and I believe it was also Columbus Day weekend. I also believe I was pregnant with MM so this is kind of cute. We can be all, “The last time we were here mommy was in her grumpy first trimester. Awww….”

We’re planning to hit up the Children’s Museum, as many parks and playgrounds as possible, and Quincy Market, because it’s not Boston to me without Quincy Market. So what are YOU supposed to do while I’m in Boston all day? Why not look at these cute pictures of my kid…

2 responses to “It’s Like Our Date-Iversary”

  1. Andrea Avatar

    Where are the pictures from your boston trip? You must share with us!!