Looking Fine 2009: SIX Weeks To Go

My husband is a genius. He’s a calorie counting diet sense making genius who has lost 10 pounds in about a three weeks. And after ONE week on his “diet” I’ve lost 3.6 pounds. He told me that he has consistently lost 3 pounds every week on this diet. If I have the same luck, I could STILL lose 20 pounds by the new year, even though I slacked off for the last god knows how long.

Another person who deserves thanks? Jen @ Daily Mish Mash who created a rewards system that I was suddenly psyched to win – I worked out 4 times this week and was more active over all. More importantly, I won a GOLD MEDAL for doing it – way better than any reward I could dream up.

So the biggest problem with my calorie counting is that at 1750 calories that seems to leave me just enough wiggle room. It’s super annoying when dh gets 2550 because he’s tall or some shit. He gets to eat meals twice as big as mine. And I have to remember that I’m rarely as hungry as him anyway unless someone puts chocolate cake in front of me – then I’m ravenous. But after a week of this, I know I’ll be okay. The beautiful thing about recording calories is that I know where my wiggle room is and how many indulgences I can have. And folks – I’ve had some form of “dessert” every day for the past week but still slid in under my calorie count line pretty much every day. When I go over it’s by like 20 calories and I think that only happened once last week, maybe twice, and that was in the very beginning.

I’ve been experimenting, having different foods for lunch and breakfast and seeing how many calories it leaves me, and how full I am afterwards, how ravenous I am by dinnertime, etc. It’s very interesting and it’s super rewarding to know I’ve behaved all freaking day even at an all you can eat buffet with my in-laws who are all piling on as much food as possible on their plates and I was able to come home and have a nice little slice of Marzipan Stollen, one of my very favorite holiday treats, which rang in at 320 calories folks and I was still able to have that and a glass of iced tea and come in 150 calories under my max. It kind of rocked.

It’s all about knowing yourself, I’ve told myself, knowing what I will do and what I won’t do – what I will give up and what I won’t give up. It shouldn’t surprise me but portion control was shockingly different in so many areas than I’d guessed – some things I am right on about, but other things – wake up call. It’s good though, because my son is young and my husband and I have a chance to make a change in our eating habits and teach much healthier ones to MM than we might have otherwise. Which is awesome.

So my goals for this week:

  • Keep counting calories, staying under, drinking plenty of water
  • Work out 4-5 times this week for another Gold Medal
  • Try not to go completely over my calorie intake during the weekend long birthday festivities that I’ve cooked up for the dh this weekend. 🙂

How are your diets going? Is anybody else counting calories? I highly recommend using a combination of Calorie Count‘s website and a good food scale to measure your portions for you so you aren’t fiddling with measuring spoons and cups and bailing on the whole concept in a day and a half, like I did a year ago when I first tried it.

PS: Another tip from the dh – put the bowl or plate on your scale and then set it at 0 grams, pounds, whatever and then add your food – it’s easier and more accurate and you can keep setting it back to zero as you add more things to your plate.


  1. The fact that you can even diet is great. I have chronic pain issues and my doctors told me to try and lose at least 10 pounds, instead of losing I gain.


  2. That’s great Jen! I’m calorie counting in a way (ha! I typed weigh – shows where my brain is) with Weight Watchers and definitely find the weeks that I track and measure I do so much better. I was on a plateau for months and finally did a “back to basics” and it got me off that plateau. Keep up the great work!


  3. I have been calorie counting too!! That website is almost fun. The only problem for me? I had two parties over the weekend and spent all the time EATING. Ugh. I only recorded on the website Mon-Frid I didn’t even want to see what I did Saturday and Sunday. But I’m back again to doing it. I can’t wait to see if the scale hates me or not.


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