So, What's NEW???

You know when you are having a generic conversation with someone and of course the first thing they will ask is, “So what’s new?” I never seem to have an answer to that – like, “Um… well today is new?” But rarely is there anything worth mentioning that is new – as in, wasn’t true yesterday, or last week? Well this morning – I’ve got “What’s new?” covered. Here’s what’s NEW with me:

  • I have a new hair cut! A pretty new hair cut that in my humble opinion, is one of the best hair cuts I’ve had in awhile. It was overdue, although you might not notice it, but my hair was starting to feel like The Shaggy Dog to me. No more. πŸ™‚ Here’s the before and after shots, which do me little justice because I took them with my webcam, but you know, whatevs…

The Before

The After

You can’t really tell in this picture, but I also got it highlighted a very subtle teensy bit, but I love it – it’s like instant sun. I haven’t colored my hair since 2005 and the stylists there were all oohing and ahhing over how healthy my hair was and calling it “virgin” hair which made me laugh and laugh and laugh because apparently ladies, there is one part of yourself that can easily be revirginized. And you heard it here first. This style and color was done by one of my very besties – the very best hair stylist I know. And she did it as an early birthday present – how awesome is that?

So what else is new? Well I’m so glad you asked…

  • The Nintendo Wii sitting pretty on top of my armoir is brand spanky new. I think I am the last person in the universe to be getting a Wii now, but I am in love ladies and gents. I finally got paid for the last couple months of nannying, and as I decided to bite the bullet and tell previously mentioned bestie that I really really don’t like nannying – I thought it’d be fine – I mean, what’s one more toddler? [insert hilarious laughter and you should have known better smirks here] But ohhhhhh I loathe it. So she’s going to be looking for something else asap and that means I might never be getting paid for this again – so dh and I decided, “What can we buy that will make nannying for the last several months worth it? Oh how about a Wii? Seriously, we have more than enough money to buy this, and if we don’t do it now, who knows when we will?” We’d have just spent that money on random trips to Taco Bell & the bookstore anyway, while complaining that we can never manage to save up the money to buy, um, a Wii. So I’m thinking I’ve not only scored an amazing purchase, I’ve spared my diet (not to mention my book buying addiction that would have been purchases 2 through 17, seriously). And now we can save money by staying at home and playing video games right? Well maybe. We have the Wii, Wii Sports which came with it, and not much else, unless you count all our old Game Cube games (you know, all five of them) but we love it and we played for a good hour last night and my arms have that achy, “I’ve been boxing, bowling, and playing tennis and baseball all night,” feeling – I love it – and now I know what I want for the next ten birthdays, Christmases, anniversaries and Valentines Days – Wii stuff. Oh yeah.
  • Dh is going out of town tonight. ::sniff:: I sure will miss him while I watch tv, eat my calorie savvy, weight losing snacks, play Wii without him and read all night without anyone telling me to turn off the light. I will definitely miss him when I have to wake up in the morning, get MM up, make my own coffee and breakfast and get back to life as usual.
  • Did I mention I lost THREE pounds?????

So, what’s new with you?

10 thoughts on “So, What's NEW???

  1. I Love the new hair cut. It’s so stinkin cute! My daughter loves to make little “mii’s”! I had forgotten how much exercise you can get from a wii! We got it for Christmas & then ’cause Hanae couldn’t do much w/ that broken arm I just haven’t played it since! How pathetic!!


  2. @ Jean : I definitely want all 3 or at least some combination thereof – we should start a hair cut movement – like all the blogger ladies who are cool know to get a hair cut THIS month πŸ˜›


  3. I love the cut and plan to get mine done real soon like next weekend. I’m thinking of going real short.

    Im so excited you got a wii. After you get wii fitness…not sure why I think that would be your next wii purchase, but you should totally get guitar hero or rock band. That my friend is addicting. Once you get good than we’ll go on tour. πŸ˜‰


  4. I looooveee the cut, Did “L” do it??. And congrats on finally admitting that you don’t want to be a Nanny anymore. I know it must have been hard, but it’s good for all of you. I love our wii!! I told Marc and he got all excited that we can bring our controllers and games over to play with you next game night!!
    BTW, I got my hair cut too!! So now we have cute short cuts together, yahoo!


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