Giveaway Alert: Six Chances To Win Reusable Shopping Bags

Do you use reusable bags when shopping? Do you want to start? Head over to Simple Mom asap for a chance to win one of the six reusable bags she’s giving away! Bag brands include:

Shop Wise Bags

• Perks – These durable oilcloth bags are shaped just like traditional grocery sacks, so they fold up nicely and stand up well. I’ve been using mine lately to cart around diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes for my kids in the car. And I love all their great patterns and colors.

• Giveaway – One reader will win a set of three high-quality Shop Wise bags!


Perks – These bags are much bigger than they seem. They hold so much stuff, and they’re easy to fold up and secure with the velcro tabs. They’re pretty, too.

• Giveaway – One reader will win a set of five Envirosax bags!

B. Happybags

• Perks – These high-quality, durable canvas bags can hold a lot of stuff, and their wide openings mean I can toss big things along with no problem. Plus, they’re adorable.

• Giveaway – One reader will win four B. Happybags!


• Perks – These are mesh bags, which are perfect for produce. They fold up tiny, so you can hold multiple in your purse no problem. I’m so impressed with how durable they are – for as lightweight as they are, they can really hold some heavy stuff.

• Giveaway – One reader will win three ACME mesh bags from!


Perks – I love how this micro bag folds up securely and easily, and its medium-sized shape holds things neatly. We use ours to tote books and crayons to and from the car.

Giveaway – One reader will win a micro RuMe, a 13 ounce Earthlust bottle, and a Wrap-n-Mat from Mama Goes Green – all things I use and love!

Flip & Tumble

• Perks – These bags scrunch up nicely, and the colors are great, too. The 24-7 bags wads up into a ball, which means you’re carrying an instant toy for small children – and I love the felt shoulder pad, because normally bags and purses are always falling off my shoulder.

• Giveaway – One reader will win one 24-7 bag and two Loopt bags!

Interested? Head over to Simple Mom to enter the contest today!

4 responses to “Giveaway Alert: Six Chances To Win Reusable Shopping Bags”

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  2. Tasha Via Avatar

    Thanks for the link. These are AWESOME!!!


  3. Krystyn Avatar

    Thanks for the heads up! I went and entered.


  4. Sues2u2 Avatar

    Where in the world do you find these things?! I love my cloth bags. I use them unless I need to have liners for my garbage cans!

    I might have to put this one on my blog too cause they are just too important!