My NEW Favorite Thing: Wii

An Iowa Mom wants you to share a picture of either your favorite room in your room or a favorite part of a room in your home and then post it on your blog or email the picture to her if you don’t have your own blog.

I had a hard time with this. I have a small, cluttered apartment and there is no room I’d consider “favorite” – they are all just constantly in need of cleaning or repair, and none are just right. I suppose I spend the most time in my living room, but not because it’s my “favorite” per say. The kitchen? I guess it’s okay, but I don’t love it and I don’t cook in it nearly enough to bother mentioning. The bedroom is better now that I have a good mattress but it’s still cluttered and I really just sleep there. MM’s room? That’s his territory – it is covered from corner to corner with stuffed animals and I’m sure he loves it, but it certainly isn’t my favorite room. The bathroom? Don’t even get me started. And well… that’s all the rooms we have.

I thought about being corny and cheating and taking a picture of MM and saying like “wherever he is” or just taking a picture of my desk, but I just did that and my desk is a mess and I don’t feel like cleaning it. So I decided to take a picture of the one thing in my apartment that I am truly pleased with right now, making it the newest member of our family, I haven’t had time to find fault with it yet. Not that I’m saying I could ever find fault with any part of this beauty:

And really, just looking at it makes me smile. Ditto with dh. We are in lurve with this beauty.

So that must make it the favorite part of my home right? At least for now. Someday when I have a beautiful house with beautiful stuff… I’ll have a better answer maybe. But really, does it get any better than Wii?

What’s your favorite part of your home? Leave a comment and let me know. And then make sure you tell An Iowa Mom, too!

5 thoughts on “My NEW Favorite Thing: Wii

  1. I would say it’s not a particular room that is my favorite but the
    little things in the house that I never had before and were just considered a luxury.
    -A huge pantry
    -adjustable fan speed and lighting from the wall switch
    -A den where my kids can do their thing play or whatever saving the living room from all their crap. Well thats the theory anyway, somehow it hasn’t totally worked out that way.
    -Built in shampoo holders in the shower/tub- no need for those crappy plastic things that never seem to hold enough or just look cheap.
    -A two rack oven
    -A stove that actually has a big burner that works.
    Like say it’s the little things. 🙂


  2. LOL!! I’m the same way–I don’t have a favorite room either–they are all too cluttered, in need of constant cleaning, etc. I don’t know if I’ll ever have a favorite room. I guess I would take a pic of my laptop!


  3. I have to say … I love our Wii’s too. But I never play them. Why? Because I become addicted and then I accomplish even LESS than I do on a typical day.

    This morning, in fact, after dropping Molly off at preschool, it took everything I had not to run to the store and get the “Animal Crossing” for the Wii. I love that crap. I was strong and resisted … and now I sit here and play on the computer instead.

    I’m such a loser.

    Thanks for playing!



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