KMBFBAG: Week Three

Another week = no weight gain. This actually made me a little nervous but luckily I had my doctor’s appointment / ultrasound today so I can tell you that while I haven’t gained any weight BB is developing right on time (6 inches long, healthy heart beat, due date still on track) so seriously I cannot complain. I’m growing a healthy, living breathing adorable little baby and I haven’t even had to gain any weight yet. I kind of want to celebrate with a 100 calorie cupcake tonight!

I think I’ve done a really good job adding more fruits and vegetables to my diet. I’ve been loving some hummus and naan flat bread and finding healthy snacks. I need to maybe add one more snack into my diet each day because I still feel like I often have too many calories to spare at the end of the night which I can’t help but use for things like chips and cookies and ice cream. But at least I earned those chips and cookies and ice creams and don’t go over my calorie budget (well that’s not true, on the weekends I probably do, but I do that sort of on purpose… just go with me). Point is. Another week with no weight gain. That’s my kind of pregnancy dream come true. 🙂

Alright off to do laundry. Goals for this week are to keep up the status quo.

6 responses to “KMBFBAG: Week Three”

  1. paige Avatar

    Good work! I have been eating the veggies like crazy too–ick. My trainer cut me down to one fruit a day—too much sugar he says. Man, this is hard stuff huh?


  2. Alanna Avatar

    Good job!
    Grow BB, grow!
    There’s a link under your post for a cookie recipe, so not fair. 🙂


  3. Alex Avatar

    good job! (it’s amanda)


  4. Amy Amy Bo Bamey Avatar

    AWESOME! Good for you, way to keep it up.

    I addicted to the Jalapeno/Cilantro Hummus at Trader Joes. So Yummy!


  5. Jean M. Avatar

    That’s all well and good but we want to know what that little BB is. Don’t tell me your planning to wait for a Wordless Wednesday? You know I tease (a little) and I think your doing great! 🙂


  6. tena Avatar

    wow- no weight gain- you did better than me and I don’t have a BB growing in me! Keep eating healthy!