Blue or Pink Debate Continued, Now With Free Baby Blankets

Today I ordered a free baby blanket with a cute little stuffed animal from One Step Ahead. Which blanket do you think I chose?

If you already know the gender of BB Kumquat, please don’t spoil it for all the other readers. I will be doing the Big Reveal on Thursday during my regularly scheduled Bump Report. At least one of those reports needs to have something interesting and non-statistical in it!

9 responses to “Blue or Pink Debate Continued, Now With Free Baby Blankets”

  1. sara Avatar

    I’m gonna say lamb. On a side note, did you ever recieve yours? I ordered one back in the beginning of FEB and still have not gotten mine, and not found anyone who has yet either.


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  3. Jenni Jiggety Avatar

    You big teaser!!!!


  4. Nancy Avatar

    You are a very mean person. Do you know that? Making us wait like this. Harumph.

    I’m still guessing blue.


  5. vivienne Avatar

    I am thinking the blue one.


  6. Sues2u2 Avatar

    Those are so cute & you KNOW!?! Can’t hardly wait for the big reveal on Thursday! I’m still going w/ blue. I didn’t have much morning sickness w/ sg however I was on bed rest w/ son ’cause of the sickness!


  7. Alex Avatar

    Amanda likes the lamb too


  8. Jean M. Avatar

    I’m keeping quiet. I just think the little lamb is really cute and gender neutral, which is how I’m going to remain until Thursday/innocently whistling.


  9. Jen Avatar

    I guess the pink pig. Just a guess from the way you are carrying and your morning sickness. Can’t wait to hear the news on Thurs!