love thursday: filled to the brim

The other day we laid Baby Blueberry down in the pack and play which is serving as a make shift crib in our living room and MM came in the room, looked around and seemed to panic. “Where’s the baby?” he immediately wanted to know – which shows you how rarely she is not in our arms – this little girl is going to be spoiled rotten. We laughed it off and assured him she was right there and fine but at the same time, my heart swooned. He loves her and wants her around.

There’s a lot of love in our home right now. Our newest addition has been tugging at the heart strings of every member of our family. We’re all simultaneously over the moon for our little baby girl, each of us experiencing new love again. We’re also falling in love with each other a little more every day, as we experience this new chapter in our lives. I am so proud of MM and how he is adapting to his Big Brother status, watching him get a little bit older and more independent and helpful – he’s no longer just my little baby boy, he’s a big brother and takes this job very seriously- it’s bitter sweet, watching him grow up, but mostly sweet. Watching my husband beam with pride over his little baby girl, I can’t help but fall in love with him all over again – he’s such an incredible father, very attentive and involved. I couldn’t do this without him

And my grandmother has been the biggest help – playing with MM and helping to keep him in good humor, watching him while I was in the hospital and helping to make sure I rest, even if I don’t want to. We’ve also had this wonderful opportunity to bond and spend some quality time together like we haven’t been able to since I was living with her in high school. My grandmother helped raise me and it’s been so amazing to watch MM with her – he is very lucky to have this time with her and we are going to miss her a lot when she leaves.

And I’m doing pretty okay, too. I’m told by Dan and my grandmother that I look great, I’m healing well and look how wonderful I’m doing. And maybe they’re just saying that, but it’s still nice to hear. I feel great. We’re dead tired and not without our complaints, but we’re also deliriously happy and glowing with our “new love.”

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3 responses to “love thursday: filled to the brim”

  1. Krystyn Avatar

    What a good job MM is doing as big brother.

    I hope you continue to recover well!


  2. vivienne Avatar

    How precious! MM is going to be a fabulous and caring big brother.


  3. Sues2u2 Avatar

    That is so sweet that MM was concerned about BB. What a great sign for the future too.