Don’t Play This Game

So like the other day, or months ago or something, my friend Jean mentioned a facebook game called Farkle in a blog post – talking all about the cruel mistress that this game was and how impossibly addictive and simultaneously pointless it was and it should totally have been warning enough to me not to bother playing – and in the immediate present tense of reading the post, it was. I didn’t bother searching it down or anything, it was just like, “Whatev.”

But then Jamie – my old college newspaper advisor who is also on facebook now (seriously, everyone is on Facebook – even Irina Derevko, and I’m pretty sure she’s dead …and fictional…) – he started playing the game and went one step further than Jean did – instead of casually mentioning the game in a blog post, he invited me to play the game. And I thought, “Jean plays this game and she’s awesome – and Jamie plays this game and he’s like a grown up with worthwhile things to do.” If they like it, I would like it, thought I. And forgetting about the cruel mistress bit, I added the application and played a game.

And I did good! Enough. And then I read the RULES. And I did BETTER. And I was hooked. I was like, “Farkle is farkling awesome.” And I kept playing and my score got higher and higher (it’s still not higher than Jamie’s though… hmpffff) and then suddenly the cruel mistress bit was revealed… and I got worse and worse… and then better… and then worse. And suddenly I’m yelling FARKLE at the computer screen every ten minutes and MM is all, “Momma what are you doing? Are you playing a GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME???” And I’m like, “Shhh, mommy’s working.”

Don’t even get me started on Bejeweled.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Play This Game

  1. Uhm yeah, wait til you go pro then it’s a whole new addiction. I’ve been to rehab and fully recovered. There is no hope for me in farmtown though.


  2. I guess I need to read the instructions again b/c I don’t understand Farkle. I tried to play and I had no clue what I was supposed to do. Maybe it is for the best. I don’t need anything else to get addicted to.


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