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My husband’s company is super mega awesome amazing for many reasons but one of my favorite reasons is the 5 year sabbaticals the employees get. Better? If an employee takes a vacation to a country they’ve never been to before, the company helps pay for airfare, etc. Awesome, no? So lately we’ve been daydreaming about a 10 year anniversary trip to Europe in about 5-6 years (our anniversary is in 5 1/2 years roughly). Right now we are looking at Madrid, Paris, Venice and Athens (about 5 days each in two cities and a day or two in the others). We’ve even set up a special savings account to ensure that this can happen, assuming pricing stays somewhat similar.

I puffy heart loooove to travel and Europe is kind of my Big Thing that I really want to see more of so all of this is terribly exciting, and the fact that we have this long to actually save for it makes it actually seem somewhat feasible (and hey worse case scenario is that it doesn’t happen but we have a ton of money set aside for something else like college, retirement, new whatever). But hopefully it does happen because seriously? LOVE.

So my Aloha Friday question this week is:

If you could travel to any European country, where would you most want to go?

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9 thoughts on “Aloha: Europe

  1. Um…your husband’s company is incredible. Seriously I have never even heard of such a thing before! I think I would choose Italy, because that’s where part of my family is from, and I’ve never been. But man, that’s a tough call.


  2. I’m just hoping that Hubby will get “stationed” back in England or Germany for work. There’s so much we missed out on seeing when we lived in England & Germany that we would love to go back & tour each country a little bit @ a time. Plus showing the Prince where he was born in Germany would be uber cool!

    If I’m living overseas when you guys go I’ll expect a visit!


  3. Words cannot express how envious I am of this opportunity for you guys! I’ve never been to Europe and really want to go.

    I’ve always always always wanted to go to Ireland. It’s my heritage and it just looks amazingly gorgeous.

    I also want to do southern Europe – Italy, Spain, Greece. I’m not so much interested in France or England but of course wouldn’t turn down the chance to go.


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