First Days: His first day of 2nd Grade & Her first day of 4K.

my second grader

Yesterday was MM’s first day of second grade. He’s a seasoned professional now in the back to school pictures department. Rocking his favorite hat, an awesome new shirt and perfectly faded denim jeans and a personality that cannot be contained.

2nd grade

It seriously took me less than two minutes to get a great assortment of pictures of this momentous occasion and then sweatshirts and light jackets were piled on because apparently Mother Nature was well aware that it’s Back To School season and lowered the temperatures accordingly.

1st day bus stop

Walking to the bus stop, BB was slightly jealous that she had to wait ONE WHOLE DAY before her first day of school but mostly seemed to understand the situation.

I think she was more distracted by not having had breakfast yet and told me quite plainly that her brother looked like a hamburger and she wanted to eat him. I am not joking.

His first day was a smashing success and he came home all smiles, calm and collected. His day had gone great and he was glad to be home. Can we really ask for better than that?

This year will probably be pretty easy for him (knock on wood) as he has the same amazing teacher as last year and almost entirely the same class. His besties are all present and accounted for and for the time being he feels like he knows what’s going on. I love seeing him so confident and prepared and settled into his routine so quickly.


Of course I know what you all REALLY want to hear about is HER first day of 4K. Did she love it? Did she cry with desolation? Did I cry? Did the dog cry?


This weekend I was very briefly a nervous wreck about this whole thing. She is too young. It is too soon. What will I do with myself? What if we all die??? (I have a tendency to take my nervous energy allll the way to the worst possible scenario…)

But the truth is, her  first day went great, too. She loved getting to ride the same bus as her brother and seemed totally confident as she marched onto that bus  for the first time. She has probably been waiting for this moment her whole life.

many faces of bb

I may have gone a leeeetle crazy with her first day of school pictures. But seriously? A girl only has a FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL EVER once. And my girl is kind of awesome to photograph. I just.couldn’t.stop. Really.

first day

You really can tell just by these pictures how well the day went. There weren’t any first day jitters here – she was ready to take over the world 4k!

getting jiggy with it

Heck there was even time for a quick dance number.

“I’m just doing my ballet mommy.”

After she got on the bus, we raced to the truck and drove over to the school so we could see her get off the bus for her first day. We walked her to her classroom where we were able to see all the kids in her class and get an idea of how the morning arrival process goes. They seem to be a well oiled machine and BB continued to be nonplussed by the whole thing. She did look a little serious for awhile but I think she was just taking it all in.

When it was time to file into class, she walked in confidently and never looked back. And I handled it mostly okay, too!

And when she got off the bus an hour ago? She was grinning from ear to ear. She reports that her teacher is a girl (which was already common knowledge, but you know…) and that she is her favorite.

So we have two kids delighted with their first days and a relieved mommy who mostly enjoyed her first day alone. I took a long walk, edited a billion first day of school pictures and even got in a little tv time. Not bad!

And the dog? He pretty much slept the whole time.

Wanna take a trip down memory lane?

Here is a recap of MM’s first day of kindergarten and first grade.