7 Things I Learned in November.


Can you guys believe it’s DECEMBER already? The year is nearly over and another month is officially behind us. I’m linking up with Emily @ Chatting at the Sky again to share the things I learned this month – such a fun way to look back at the previous month.

1. Sometimes losing isn’t really losing. Last month I learned that even when you have a great idea for a book and the writing is going okay, that you still might not finish a 50,000 word novella in 30 days and that THAT’S OKAY. I am only a little over 25,000 words in and it’s been a few days since I’ve pecked away at the poor thing, but I haven’t given up on the book at all, I’ve just been busy and I now have 25,000 more words than I would have had if I hadn’t done the challenge.

2. Urban dictionary is probably not an authoritative source on name etymology. But I still had a lot of fun reading the “definitions” of my name there last month when I was participating in one of Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshops.

3. I never did learn where all the missing socks go but I had a lot of fun making up my own ideas. If anyone knows the answer, please do share!

4. I learned that spraying Orange Clove scented counter top cleaner from Mrs. Meyers makes me a VERY happy momma! Seriously, that stuff smells amazing!

5. We had an amazing Thanksgiving with new friends and old this year and I learned a little bit more about one of the local private schools that we’ve been thinking about sending the kids to in a few years if we can swing it financially. I’m very thankful for all of the strong friendships that we have forged in Wisconsin that help make it feel like home.

6. Some lessons it seems like I learn constantly. This month I learned for the umpteenth time that you can’t hold judgement against a company, person, product or anything really forever. With much vehemence, we switched our cell phone provider this month, moving to Verizon despite swearing up and down that we’d never go to them because of old complaints only to be very pleasantly surprised by their pricing, customer service and choices. We’ve been very happy with the switch and were once again humbled and reminded that generalized opinions about something are rarely useful or accurate.

7. We learned some very interesting things about Gallifrey and the last Time War this month. Spoilers.

What did you learn last month?