Happy birthday to our favorite Canine Time Lord.


Last month Doc the Dog celebrated his first birthday. We aren’t certain of his exact birth date, so we decided to celebrate the same weekend as Dan’s birthday, because why not?

I made the hubby his favorite chocolate chip cookies for his birthday so it seemed fitting that I make the dog some homemade cookies for his birthday, too – wouldn’t it be cute when they both got homemade delicious cookies for their birthday??

Then I totally forgot to make the homemade peanut butter bacon dog biscuits in time and figured, he doesn’t know when his birthday is anyway, so we celebrated a week later, because why not?

Luckily, peanut butter bacon dog biscuits go over real well whether they are on time or not. He was absolutely in his canine glory when we gave him the first one and now every time I go near his dog cookie tin, he is on HIGH ALERT and best behavior, bowled over and ready to receive his prize. So, yeah – good stuff!

Remember back in March when we were in the midst of the Winter Blahs and I kept sending my husband pictures of puppies in the area that were up for adoption – and then we found this picture and virtually fell in love (get it? cause it was online) and then we met Doc (Jingle at the time) in person and fell in love for real and threw caution to the wind and decided to adopt a black lab / st bernard / border collie, because why not?

Named after our favorite Time Lord who refuses to grow up, Doctor is  an aptly named Puppy for Life with literally boundless energy. He gives me a run for my money basically every day, chews things he shouldn’t, barks whenever the doorbell rings or is knocked on (even if it’s just on tv), likes to chew my new doormats daily for good measure and much like our children, has created a new reason for Dan and I to talk about poop on a daily basis.

It was a rocky start and it certainly hasn’t been sunshine and roses, this life of mine as a dog mom. But despite all the trouble he gives me, we are still very much in love with our sweet Doctor. It’s been a roller coaster year, experiencing all the seasons with him for the first time and learning how to be dog parents. We still probably don’t get it “right’ most of the time – but we’re banking on the fact that he probably doesn’t know any better either!


Happy birthday Doctor – I’m probably a month late in writing it, but you don’t know what day it is anyway. That’s the great thing about Time Lords – no sense of time whatsoever!

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  1. Nish Avatar

    aww…happy birthday to him 🙂