Take your kids to work day.

Let’s play a game:

Can you guess what my husband does for a living based off these pictures from “take your kids to work day”?







No cheating: If you know what hubby does, don’t ruin the fun for everyone else, i.e. my other three readers.

As an aside, Take Your Kids to Work Day should probably just be called “have your spouse drive the kids over to your office to do loosely relevant arts & crafts projects and eat a snack in your company’s lobby.” But I guess that would be too many words for the poster.

In all seriousness, they had a blast and the company did a great job putting everything together – I do really appreciate the lengths the company goes to in making it a family friendly environment.

Okay, ready? What do you think my husband does for a living, based on the photos above or otherwise?

3 thoughts on “Take your kids to work day.

  1. I’m kinda clueless too.. I know you’ve mentioned he does “engineery” kind of stuff..does he help design and build sets or something?


  2. I have no idea what he does! lol Looks like fun though. I wish my kids could participate in take your kid to work day, but HIPPA rules won’t allow them to work with me. 😦


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