There’s No Place Like Home: Trust me, I checked.


You may not have noticed, but I’ve been gone for 3 1/2 weeks. We spent most of July embarking on an Epic Road Trip up and down the East Coast, visiting Massachusetts, Pennsyvlania, Washington DC, Florida, Kentucky and back to Wisconsin and everything in between. We spread it all out so that we’d drive for two or three days and then spend time with family for 5 so that we didn’t become completely exhausted and grumpy though we had our moments. This trip was a massive undertaking that I was skeptical we’d be able to pull off but WE DID IT. WE SURVIVED. And we all still like each other!


I’ll be telling you lots of stories over the next couple weeks about the places we’ve been, the things we’ve seen, the inane things my husband and I talked about on the road, but for now a couple snapshots and for fun – here are my notes that I wrote to myself on the road about all the things I wanted to tell you guys about. Some of it still luckily makes perfect sense to me but some of it… no idea, so that should be fun.

Guessing Game Time: Can you decipher Jen’s Random Road Trip Notes?

  • Love songs for coffee
  • Ohio is a no go
  • Changing plans
  • The unicorn
  • Tablet mount hack
  • Camping in the rain
  • Taking 91 north to go east, seeing signs to go west to get to Easthampton.
  • Difference between Massachusetts and Wisconsin
  • Trees and mountains
  • Hawks vs grackles
  • Emily 2×8 (what? I don’t even know what this means)
  • 4th of July wasn’t so special but it might have been better.
  • The Teagan Song
  • Ball joints and cracked windshields
  • New backpacks
  • Niagara then and now


  • Hootie / counting crows (I can’t tell them apart)
  • No big deal, just a little hangover.
  • Keeping cool on hard days.
  • RAIN!!!!!!!
  • Drinking with in laws
  • The 3 tin soldiers
  • Hershey park – roller coasters and ski ball
  • Story idea: Ladysmith – a blacksmith’s widow?
  • 10,000 steps in DC: National mall
  • Capitol koa
  • North Carolina – wet wood and small tables; anything you can do, Maryland did better. BBQ. Cool old couple.
  • Lawtey Florida (it’s just fun to say)
  • Drove straight through Georgia: why Georgia, why?
  • Apps koa and road ninja


  • South Florida museum
  • Legoland
  • Koa cabins are awesome!!
  • Macklemore is the male Joan Jett of our generation.
  • Nutter butter polar swirls and truck stop snack nostalgia
  • Lost river cave and the butterfly house
  • Canyon story – cold damp dark rocky
  • Blue holes more dangerous than they look.
  • 1850s America before civil war. Wealthy plantation family? Or royalty somewhere else?
  • Finding my music style
  • St. Louis is apparently an ACTUAL city with cars and traffic and stuff.
  • Birthday on the Road.

So…. clearly I have my work cut out for me. I’ll be back soon with more coherent stories, but this gives you a taste of what our month has been like and how random my thought process is. You’re welcome.

So tell me bloggy pals, what have I missed this month? What’s going on? How have you BEEN?

Next: Ohio & New York

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  1. Betsy Avatar

    Nothing much going on here. Heading to Oregon tomorrow! So excited. 😀