Idol Thoughts: Top 12 Girls Perform


I just finished watching the Top 12 girls perform on last night’s episode of American Idol. Although they all did pretty good, I have to say I was a bit underwhelmed. Am I just harsher on female singers or are there a lot of “just pretty good” singers this year for the ladies? I think a lot of them show promise, but as you can see above I only found two of the girls to be awesome enough for 3 votes last night (I cannot really explain my method for deciding how many votes to give each girl, this is just what felt right to me this week – two to each person that I thought did well that I’d like to hear again and 3 to the people that had me go “holy snickers that was good!”).

Aside from reiterating how much I liked Joey Cook and Jax’s performances, I’d like to mention again how much I like the voting process these days on Idol. Not only can you simple google ‘American Idol’ and vote right from the search page without needing to sign up for anything – Idol is also giving us until 12pm Eastern Standard Time the day after the episode airs to get your vote in. This is far more generous than in years past and makes it way more possible for me to watch and vote for the people I like. Until last year I don’t think I was ever able to consistently vote – kudos to Fox and Idol for acknowledging the changing times and people’s actual viewing habits these days.

So did you watch this week? What say you? Any front runners emerging yet in your mind?