5 TV Shows I’m Binging Right Now.

I’m not watching many new shows right now. Blame it on the lack of cable or the lack of exciting things on network television or maybe I’m just old or something. Not sure. Most of the shows we’re watching now are old news to everyone else. Which is kind of great, because those shows are perfect for binge watching.

If you are looking for a new show to OMG over – or even better, an old show to say “What took me so long?” here are some of the ones I’m loving right now.


Veep | You probably already know about Veep – like I said, none of these shows are new. But just in case you aren’t familiar: This is a 30 minute comedy on HBO that I stream on Amazon Prime. It stars Julia Louise Dreyfus as the sweary, imperfect, and kind of awesome Vice President of America. I really just started watching this one, I’m still on Season 1, but so far so good.


The X-Files | It’s almost ridiculous that I never watched this show before a few months ago, but here we are dealing with that reality. My husband and I are making our way through this one rather slowly as we seem to suffer for nights where we have enough time to watch a one hour drama. But it’s so worth the wait! A very young Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny is everything I need in life. The entire freaking show is available to stream on Hulu and we definitely have our work cut out for us.


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel | This might be the smartest show on television so it’s absurd that I only just finished the first season. For some reason it keeps getting buried on my Amazon Prime queue and again, it’s another hour long show. I’m bad at keeping up with those. But if you haven’t checked out this show by Amy Sherman Palladino, you need to fix that immediately.


The Good Place | We’re actually rewatching this one from the beginning with the kids because my oldest asked about it and we decided they were just barely old enough to watch it with us. I won’t lie, there is some occasional language and content that makes me think that my nine year old should not be in the room. On the plus side, it’s usually as an example of what Bad Behavior looks like. But I wouldn’t recommend it for watching with your kids unless you really think your kids can handle it and you’re up for the explanations and discussions that will ensue. But I definitely recommend it as a show in general. It is so smart, and so funny, and the cast is incredible. And for what it’s worth, my kids both love it. You can stream the first two seasons on Netflix and the current season is available on Hulu.


Doctor Who | We just finished the current season which I personally loved. A lot of Dr. Who fans are apparently not as in love. I will admit, it feels like a departure from the normal tone of Doctor Who, with very few references to seasons and aliens and baddies past. This makes it a great place for new people to jump in though. Still, we loved the new season, especially my daughter who has found a new role model in this new regeneration of The Doctor. We are also rewatching the older episodes with the kids, at least all of the ones streaming on Prime. We watched all of the 9th Doctor and are about halfway through Number 10. If I play my cards right, I’ll never have to be not watching Doctor Who.

What are you watching these days?

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I’m link up with Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop today. All the cool kids are doing it, so

5 TV Shows To Binge Watch With Your Kids This Summer

Now that the kids are home for summer vacation, I don’t have as much time to binge watch my fave grown up-ish shows like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Handmaid’s Tale, or Glow. Apparently they have their own agenda for screen time that doesn’t include going away so mommy can watch tv all afternoon. Rude.

Unfortunately for them, I’m also not about to let them waste the day away playing video games and watching their own tv shows that are uninteresting to moi – I’ve enforced a semi-consistent rule of just 2 hours per day for them to stare at the screens of their choice.

Sometimes we compromise and watch a show together that we all like. I thought I’d share with you some of the shows we’re loving, in case you need some inspiration.

These are 5 tv shows that I watch with my 9 year old and 12 year old:


Just Add Magic (Amazon Prime) | My daughter introduced me to this one after watching it on her Kindle during a road trip. It’s basically Charmed for tween year olds. The show centers around a group of 3 friends who find themselves with a magical cookbook filled with recipes that can help them out in life situations, some more serious than others – but all of the recipes also come with a consequence of some kind. There’s a lot of adventure and a lot of tween girl antics – this one will likely appeal to kids and parents. We just started season 2 but there are 3 seasons out so far.


Nailed It (Netflix) | This is the perfect remedy for when you’ve watched all of the seasons of The Great British Baking Show that you can get your hands on. The show is not so much about the expert baking and more about the “Well, you tried your best – now let’s giggle over how awful it came out.” Which might sound mean but the show really excels at being lighthearted and joyful about it.


The Worst Witch (Netflix) | This adorable series is based on a book series from the 1970’s. It feels similar to Harry Potter but features younger students and a little less doom and gloom. There are always big hurdles to overcome and your usual coming of age issues. The writing and cast are really excellent – the whole family enjoys this one and we have often watched it with a pizza for dinner.


Jeopardy (NBC) | I love watching Jeopardy with the kids because when I get an answer right, they are pretty sure I’m a genius. When my husband is home, it’s a full on competition. My daughter likes to pick a contestant to root for throughout the episode – usually whichever girl has on the best outfit or is maybe from a town we know.


The Who Was Show (Netflix) | Based on the kids book series, this show is kind of a sketch comedy teaching kids about famous figures from history. Much sillier than the books, but still pretty informative. The narrator is the same guy who voices Sterling Archer on Archer which continues to amuse me to no end. Some people are really hating on this show but we’ve all really enjoyed it.

What are you and your kids watching right now?

What I’m Into: December 2017


It’s been a busy month here – we’ve been enjoying Christmas Tree farms, piano recitals, cookie baking, parties with friends and all the usual fun stuff that goes into a month. Aside from the family fun, here are some of the things that have been keeping me occupied in those in between moments.

On My Bookshelf


I’ve been reading Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick this month and really enjoying it. I’ve always loved Anna’s movies and her amazeballs singing voice but reading the book and getting to know her as her actual person has been so fun. I’m only mostly delusional when I say that OMG we could totally be BFFs in real life!!

In My Kitchen

 I’ve been baking up a small winter storm as one tends to do around Christmas. Not everything was a winner but these three recipes need to be in your life.

This FUDGE recipe is so easy it almost feels like cheating. You only need three ingredients aside from salt and no candy thermometer or savvy candy making skills are required. You really just need the patience to let it set on your counter without eating it before it’s ready. I made the same recipe using peanut butter chips and that came out awesome, too. My waist line is fearful about how easy this was.

I made these RUM BALLS for my husband and he cannot stop eating them. They are potent as heck and way too delicious. Also super easy to make. These taste better the longer they chill out in your fridge so I recommend making them a couple of days before you need them. Because you definitely need them.

Okay if you are feeling like you want to step up your cookie baking game, I made these FRUIT CAKE SHORTBREAD COOKIES from Martha Stewart’s website and mylanta. This isn’t a difficult recipe but there are a lot more steps involved than I normally willingly get myself into. You’ll be chopping dried fruits, macerating them in terrific smelling booziness for a few hours, softening two sticks of butter and then making the cookie dough and shaping it into a triangular log. Then letting the dough chill for an hour in the fridge. Then slicing the log into super cute cookies and baking them. Then the hard part – not eating them all before your guests arrive. Real bakers probably read this and thought it all sounded easy but my fellow half assers know what I’m talking about. This recipe was a real test in will power and commitment but oh so worth it because:


So good.

On My TV

THE MIDDLE’S FAREWELL SEASON has been stringing me along all fall. Somehow this season turned me into a squealing fangirl shipper when it comes to Sue. Wasn’t she an awkward little tweenie bopper like a minute ago? I’m going to miss this show when it’s over but I also do think they are ending at the right time. What family sitcom should I pick up next?

AUSTRALIA’S NEXT TOP MODEL is streaming on Hulu and it’s filling the void that Tyra Banks left in my life when America’s Next Top Model ended. The formula is pretty similar but a bit different and the Aussie slang is kind of giving me life right now.

STRANGER THINGS SEASON 2 was all the things that season one delivered and maybe even just a little more. We probably waited longer to finish it than most people but it was still one of the best shows Dan and I watched this fall and I’m already missing it like crazy.

On My Phone

I’ve downloaded a few new to me games worth mentioning recently like:

DRACONIUS GO which is basically the same premise as Pokemon Go but it actually runs on my phone. My husband got me hooked on this one and it has resulted in a lot of family walks and drives around town looking for arenas. Yeah, we’re those people.

KNITTENS! is only available as a prerelease app right now but it shows a lot of promise. It’s a match three game that has you collecting yarn and patterns to “knit” outfits for your in app kitten. Seriously. It’s the most adorable game ever.

BACKPACKER is a kind of Travel Trivia geography game that tests your knowledge of the world as your character backpacks around the world, picking up odd jobs and doing favors, answering trivia questions and more. I’m far, far too into this game.

What have you been up to lately?

What Comedy Special Should I Watch Next? 5 of My Favorites

There are so many excellent comedy specials that you can watch on streaming services like Amazon or Netflix. I’ve discovered several favorites this way but I’ve barely scratched the surface and it’s almost overwhelming trying to decide what to watch next.

Because let’s be real, not all comedians are created equal. I’m a little picky – they have to have good comedic timing and they should be edgy without being raunchy. I want to relate to them but they don’t need to all be soccer moms obsessed with young adult books and lattes.

Here are 5 comedy specials that I loved.

If you are looking for a good laugh, I totally recommend all of these and by recommend I mean OMG WATCH THESE RIGHT NOW! Then come back and tell me some of your favorites that I should try next, okay?

Freezing Hot by Iliza Schlesinger started my whole obsession with her. This is still my favorite of her comedy specials, it’s just filled to the brim with comedy gold that I reference constantly to like everybody. I think women everywhere can relate to her but even my husband loved this one. NETFLIX

Michael Che Matters I love him on SNL and it’s kind of cruel that  he usually only talks for like 3 minutes and it’s the best shit that gets said for the whole night. His comedy special finally gives us the other 47 minutes we’ve been waiting for. I almost spit out my drink at one point, it was that good. NETFLIX


What I Should Have Said Was Nothing by Mike Birbiglia is like my new favorite comedy special that I keep trying to push on other people. I love him especially because he’s from the neighborhood where my husband and I grew up but everything about his material is relateable and hilarious. NETFLIX

Just Being Honest by Craig Ferguson If you loved his Late Late Show, this will be the comedy special that scratches that itch that has been bugging you since he left. My husband and I reference his Kenny G material constantly. AMAZON PRIME

Jo Koy Live From Seattle I just watched this one recently because a friend was raving about it. Definitely funny stuff. His voice impressions are way too funny and his stories are just about life and growing up and honestly sometimes that’s the best stuff to laugh about. NETFLIX

Who are your favorite comedians?

What comedy special should I watch next?


Cutting the Cord: Cable Alternatives and What Worked For Us.


Last summer Dan and I started brainstorming ways we could save some money and our cable bill was quickly mentioned along with “stop going out to eat as often” and “lose Target’s address“. Since those last two are unlikely to happen anytime soon, we decided to start thinking about whether we could ditch cable without cramping our style too much – and whether we’d actually end up saving money in the end.

It took about six months to figure out the logistics AND commit to actually doing something about it. I thought I’d share with you the switches we made to save you a little leg work.

The first thing I did was figure out what tv shows we watch on the reg and how much we were spending for our TV. We are admittedly hardcore TV watchers.

Here’s what we had to begin with and how much it costs us each month:

  • A second tier cable plan packaged with our Internet: $200ish dollars
  • An HBO subscription (we’re all about that Game of Thrones life): $15
  • Netflix Streaming: $9
  • Amazon Prime (for more reasons than TV, but still): $8.25

As for the TV shows we watch, I was really surprised to find that about 75% of the TV shows we watch are actually on network television, not Cable networks. And the Cable shows we watch were largely in the “not essential to my life” category.

Exceptions for us included:

  • The Walking Dead (AMC)
  • Doctor Who (BBCA)
  • Archer (FX)
  • Dirk Gently (BBCA)
  • Game of Thrones (HBO)
  • Westworld (HBO)
  • Project Runway (LIFE)

Technically my kids also consume a lot of Disney Channel shows but truthfully they are more into watching shows on their Kindles these days and I know there are plenty of other channels in the sea so I decided that Disney Channel wasn’t a priority. Sorry, kids.

Cable Alternatives We Considered

Next I started researching all of the Cable alternatives and what channels / shows they offer. Here are the ones I looked into:

  • Playstation VUE – One of the few cable channel alternatives that offers a cloud based DVR. We were leaning heavily towards VUE but found their navigation confusing. [starts at 29.99 / month]
  • Sling TV: streaming only – Sling has most of the Cable channels we love but no ability to record. We still may give them a try at some point. [starts at $20 / month]
  • HULU: streaming and on demand for a wide assortment of shows – integrates beautifully with a TIVO. Had way more of the shows we love than I originally expected. [starts at $7.99 / month]
  • TIVO: This isn’t a tv service provider so much as a DVR / software to organize your TV life. It integrates with a lot of streaming services so you can have one list to rule them all. You pay for a TIVO box (approx. $200-500). After that you pay $15 / month for service OR you can pay $150 for an annual service plan or $500 for a lifetime plan.

TIVO is the only service in this list than includes any kind of contract because their monthly plan requires a 1 year commitment. However, they have a 30 day money back guarantee. The other services all tend to offer a 1 week trial but have no contract at all.

What We Have Now

We decided on a TIVO box because recording shows was kind of a deal breaker for our TV watching lifestyle. We are kind of madly in love with the TIVO setup and I’m glad we splurged but if watching recorded shows isn’t important to you, you could totally save some dollars here.

We added a HULU subscription to bridge the gap for shows we’d be losing because of cutting our cable plan. We are not doing Sling or VUE as of right now because the handful of shows that aren’t available on HULU are available to watch on the channel’s website or App. This includes Lifetime and AMC for us. This isn’t a one size fits all decision though – the shows we watch might be totally different than you – check the channel line ups and see what service is the best fit for you.

So far the only channel that we haven’t accounted for completely is BBC America, which we could get on Sling or VUE but most of those shows we watch can be found on Amazon Prime and other places. So we’re considering this a future problem for right now.

We’re keeping Amazon Prime, obviously, and also Netflix and HBO which you can buy without a cable plan at all. 

When we cut our cable we also switched internet providers because we found a different provider that was offering faster internet for less money, at least for the first year. Cord cutters – do your homework and make sure that your Internet provider is still a good deal after your package is gone.

Here’s what our rundown looks like now:

  • TIVO Plan: $15 (obviously we also paid a one time price for the DVR box itself, too)
  • Internet: $40
  • Hulu plan with no commercials: $13
  • An HBO subscription: $15
  • Netflix Streaming: $9
  • Amazon Prime: $8.25

So we are saving over $100 per month and giving up almost nothing. Heck, I’m even finding some new shows to love on Hulu that I couldn’t have watched before.

The moral of the story is: Do your homework, decide what is important to your family, make sure you are getting your money’s worth and if you are ready to try something new – take advantage of those free trials and just see which services you like the best. We ended up with totally different services than we originally expected.

Have you cut the cord yet?

What services does your family use?

Weekly Geekly: 03.11.16

I’ve got a veritable stock pile of amazing things I’ve seen online that need to be shared with you so buckle your seat belts.

Did you see the new Ghostbusters trailer yet? I’m personally super excited but apparently a lot of people are upset particularly about Leslie Jones’s character in the movie. Probably the same people who were upset about the Starbucks cups. And while I understand their critique, I also think people just need something to hate on and Donald Trump must have been quiet that day.

Also: GeekMom shared a list of 5 movies that should get the Ghostbusters treatment. What would be on your list?

There’s a new kids RPG called Book Fair that is making the book nerd in me squeal with delight because I totally want to play. I mean I totally want my kids to play. Yeah. It does sound a little intricate to plan out but I think it would be awesome for a group activity for a classroom or summer camp or when your kids are bored and you’ve run out of Gilmore Girls episodes to marathon.

Do you think they should have just let Top Gear die with dignity or are you cautiously optimistic about BBC’s new cast / the original team’s new show on Amazon? I’m torn.

Ready to flex your word nerd muscles? There’s a great roundup at Real Simple of 11 weird words you’ve never known how to make plural (but probably have strong opinions about).

Geek and Sundry recently shared this infographic that will tell you what your beard says about your D&D Alignment. I’m pretty sure this makes my husband Chaotic Neutral which sounds about right.

Have you already seen Doctor Puppet? My son and I just watched all the episodes on You Tube and were kind of despondent when we realized we’d finished all the ones currently released. Watch it slower if you haven’t already. Speaking of The Doctor: What are your thoughts on these suggestions for the thirteen Doctor? We obviously need to start planning now while there are likely / hopefully years to decide.

Now that Downton Abbey is officially over ::sobs:: we can all attempt to recover from the pain by curating lists about the show like The Lazy Genius’s list of The Best Boyfriends of Downton. At first I was outraged that Matthew wasn’t number one – until I saw her pick for number one and was like – nope, you are definitely right. Never mind, carry on.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with this dramatic reading from Morgan Freeman: