Weekly Geekly: 8.21.2015


What are you guys up to this weekend? We’re getting in our last hurrahs of the summer before the kids go back to school on Monday – hopefully the weather cooperates for a beach trip on Saturday, otherwise we’ll likely celebrate with a few Minecraft marathons or an epic game of Munchkin. Admittedly, there are worse ways to spend a weekend. In the meantime….

Haley Atwell (Agent Carter) wants to play Doctor Who and I have to say, I think she’d be awesome. (via comicbook.com) What other actresses do you think have what it takes to fly the Tardis?

Anne @ Modern Mrs. Darcy discusses: How do you decide which books to buy or borrow? I definitely need to start giving my local library more love (and Amazon less love perhaps?) but I’m usually a pretty impatient reader and tend to rely on used prices online or the used bookstores in our area to feed my reading fixes.

Jim Carrey and Hugh Jackman swap roles. Hilarity ensues. And apparently Sir Patrick Stewart does magic! (via Hello Giggles) Side note: James Corden has officially won me over as host of The Late Late Show (although I still miss Craigy Ferg completely) – who is your favorite Late Night host these days?

Geek and Sundry has the low down on three low budget video games worth checking out on Steam. Where do you do most of your gaming? PC? Playstation? XBox? Kitchen table?

I want to buy my kids all three of these picture books for grammar geeks (via Geek Mom). What is your favorite read aloud choice right now?

As a spectacled being, this post at Hello Giggles totally resonated with me. We’ve come a long way since I got my first pair of glasses in the 4th grade. These days kids want to wear glasses and they have a lot of great, stylish options to choose from!