First Day of School: First Grade and Fourth Grade (Free Printable)

It’s the first day of school here. I’m a little misty eyed. Or was that rejoicing with freedom? One of those for sure.


The kids were totally ready. BB was up, dressed and bushy tail / bright eyed before either of her parents, MM not far behind.

When we got to school, she was so excited to see all of her friends and pretty much ready for me to leave immediately, but in a nice way.


This kid was like a blink and you’ll miss him blur of readiness. He was downstairs and in his classroom, flocked by all of his friends before I had a chance to embarrass him with motherly affection.

This is why I get my kicks in at home before we get to school – here in the comfort of my brick wall background, I have their full attention. For a few minutes anyway.


Want to use my printable? You can grab a download at my Facebook page 🙂 That’s right – I’m bribing you to follow me on Facebook – it’s where all the cool kids are!

When do your kiddos go back to school?

Are you excited or sad or feeling all bipolar about it like me?

4 responses to “First Day of School: First Grade and Fourth Grade (Free Printable)”

  1. Tondra Denise Avatar

    It’s good to see kids excited about school! My two are in Middle School and do not go back until after Labor Day… but I’m starting to feel the sadness creeping in already. What is that all about?


  2. Betsy Avatar

    Looks like they were happy though! Mine had a pretty great day. =)


  3. Kate @ Mom's Radius Avatar

    My son starts next Tuesday. I’m very excited for him! He is feeling pretty grown up – finally going to Kindergarten. 🙂


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      I hope he has a great school year!