Bookish M.A.S.H. tag.

Did you ever play M.A.S.H. growing up? No, not the tv show. The game where you write down 4 boys you want to date, four places you want to live, etc. and then you play the game to figure out who you’ll end up with and what your life together will look like.

This tag was created by Kyera at Kyera’s Library but I stole it from Bionic Book Worm. It’s a bookish take on the classic game and I’ve been waiting for some free time to play along. Today is the day!!


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For those who are unfamiliar, I’ll (attempt to) explain the game. You have ten different categories and you want to populate each of them with four different answers. Depending on your preference, you can do four good options or two good and two bad. The second makes the game a little more exciting because you are worried you’ll end up with a bad option.

In the classic game, you would be doing this with another person. They would tell you to close your eyes and draw a spiral. When they tell you to stop – you stop and count the number of lines in your spiral. Essentially, if you drew a line through the center of the spiral, how many times would it intersect? That is your magic number.

If you’re by yourself, you can always just pick a number and use that as your magic number.

Starting at M.A.S.H. count each option until you reach the magic number then cross it off. For example, if your magic number was 3 you would count 1 – M, 2 – A, and 3 – S. Then you would cross off S. H would become your new 1. You continue this through each category, crossing off as you go until there is one option left for each category.

What you have left is your YA story! If what I wrote made no sense to you, sorry – you can always go to this website which explains how to play with some pictures.

Here’s how my game played out:


A science fiction novel taking place in the Game of Thrones town of Winterfell. The story of a wealthy princess who discovers she has the ability to read minds and that she is the chosen one all on the same day! With her trusty pet cat, the crabby old Crookshanks from the Harry Potter universe, and her BFF, the always sarcastic Tyrion Lannister, our hero uses her mind reading abilities and her dragon (NBD) to defeat President Snow who seems to have escaped the world of The Hunger Games and escaped to Winterfell. Can she save the day and win the heart of Ron Weasley who came to Winterfell looking for his ex’s cat?

TAG. You’re it!

4 responses to “Bookish M.A.S.H. tag.”

  1. Birdie Avatar

    HAHAHA!! I love that Ron came to Winterfell looking for his ex’s cat! That’s brilliant stuff!


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      I hated to break up the Granger Weasley relationship but it’s the only way I can end up with him so…. Needs must, right?


    2. Birdie Avatar

      Hey, it’s a dog eat dog world! 😀


  2. Kate Puleo Unger Avatar

    OMG. I love it!