Let’s Talk About: Candy

One of the prompt’s for this week’s Writer’s Workshop (hosted by the always brilliant Mama Kat) jumped out at me as being of critical importance. It’s timely and perhaps controversial but now more than ever we have to talk about… candy. I know – it’s bold of me to even go there and act like I could just casually name 8 of my favorites like why would Rolos be more important than Peppermint Patties – who am I to make these judgments? But guys we have to talk about this stuff – it’s imperative that we are clear and honest with each other about what candies we want and what candies we don’t want. If I don’t tell you my needs, how can you ever hope to meet them?

So I’m going to talk to you about what I like and if you want to keep this conversation going then meet me in the comments section. Tell me what you like and what you dislike. Let’s get real with each other… about candy.


Eight of My Favorite Candies.

  1. Nama Chocolate “Au Lait” by Royce Chocolates | I first had these while on vacation in Vegas with my hubby and they quite plainly blew my mind. Like “Why has chocolate been lying to me my whole life?” kind of mind-blowing. These need to be refrigerated when you aren’t gorging yourself on them so plan ahead and save me some, okay?
  2. Good licorice | I won’t lie – I’ll go to town on any old stale bag of Twizzlers after a long day but they pale in comparison to actual licorice. I like a nice soft licorice and typically prefer the red to the black licorice but I’m unlikely to turn down either if it’s the good stuff.
  3. Toffee | My teeth are in an abusive relationship with toffee. I try to keep them away from each other but once or twice a year they seem to find their way back to each other. It’s a torrid affair.
  4. Marzipan | This stuff rocks my world. Pretty much almond paste, in general, completes me – I like the cute little candies that look like tiny fruit or the chocolate bar with a layer of marzipan in the middle. And those princess torte cakes wrapped in marzipan? hold me.
  5. Reese’s peanut butter cups or pieces | Or frankly any combination of chocolate and peanut butter. It’s like my guaranteed winning combo.
  6. Kinder Chocolates | My grandfather used to send me these from Germany and I still light up when I see them at my local World Market. There is something magical about these little chocolate bars.
  7. Homemade truffles | There’s this little coffee shop down the street that I sometimes stop in pretty much ONLY to get one of the little chocolates that the owner’s wife makes for the store. I mean their coffee is good, too, but that little piece of 25 cent candy is on another level shut the front door good. Sometimes I want to buy the whole tray and have a moment.
  8. Cookie Dough Bites | These are my movie theater candy of choice and for some reason, nobody else ever seems as excited about them as me which is great because more for me. Some days when I’m feeling healthy or something I go for raisinets because fruit but truthfully this just ends in me wishing I’d gotten cookie dough bites.

So those are my eight – what would be on your list?

Tell me your faves in the comments section!

10 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About: Candy

  1. Kinder chocolate….oh, my gosh! My son studied in Germany for a semester, and we were able to travel and spend time with him as the semester ended. Kinder chocolate was one of the first things he introduced us to. Thanks for the memories!


  2. “My teeth are in an abusive relationship with toffee.”…I’m dying. My teeth have a similar relationship with jolly ranchers.


  3. Good selection of choice. Mounds tops my list. I always have a hard time figure out where your comments are because it’s so far below all all the “vote, facebook, tweet, email, etc buttons” and then a big broad pink of information that makes me think I’m getting too far down and into a previous post. I know I spent several minutes looking and was about to give up and leave, when I scrolled far enough down.


  4. It’s time for conversation hearts! I love those things for some reason … even though they kind of remind me of pepto bismal and children’s aspirin (the colors! not the taste).

    I do love Reese’s peanut butter cups. I was disappointed to find I did NOT like the coffee creamer that was supposed to taste like Reese’s.


  5. I put my own list of eight together, and a list of ten a couple of years earlier, but looking at your list, I can see I forgot a few. I haven’t met a candy I didn’t like…


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