I’m a RavenPuff SlytherDor (And so are you).

I have always loved taking quizzes that tell me who I am. From Seventeen magazine to BuzzFeed to Meyers Briggs, I take it all with a heavy dose of sincere curiosity mixed with skepticism. Because as much as I love spending time thinking about my favorite topic – me – I also don’t like being put in boxes. Except when I do. I’m enigmatic like that.

I take the Meyers Briggs test every other season and frequently shuffle between 3 or 4 results. I don’t really relate to Democrats or Republicans. Sometimes I feel like a Capricorn and sometimes I don’t.

Sometimes I declare myself a Hufflepuff with pride, then candidly own up to a touch of Ravenclaw as well. Sometimes the Pottermore quiz insists that I’m a Slytherin and I wonder what was making me feel extra salty that day. But who says I can’t be brave and kind and cunning and intelligent? Why don’t we all admit that we are divergent?

I think it’s important to learn more about yourself but it’s equally important to make sure you are leaving room for growth and change and extra feels. If you need to be in a box, remember to leave the lid off.

We are all far more fascinating and brilliant and beautiful than any one stereotype.