On Introversion, Social Anxiety and Made Up Words. #truth #servace #nofilter

Last weekend my daughter’s class had a late night field trip to the regional airport where we and a half billion other people (or a couple hundred, I’m not a mathmetician) crowded into the narrow hallway by the ticketing counter and waited for 2+ hours so we could greet some local veterans coming back fromContinue reading “On Introversion, Social Anxiety and Made Up Words. #truth #servace #nofilter”

Swim Lessons: Underwater Pictures and Mom-commentary

We just finished a session of swim lessons at our favorite pool. I love this place for it’s oh so small class sizes, incredible teachers and lessons that include everything from blowing bubbles underwater to every type of swim stroke you didn’t know existed. They seriously cover every aspect of swimming with detailed charts atContinue reading “Swim Lessons: Underwater Pictures and Mom-commentary”

Personality Types: Meyers Briggs and Ennegram

At my core, I’m still that fourteen year old girl pouring through the latest Teen Magazine, looking for a fun quiz that will tell me who I am – who I should love – what career I should pursue – what dog matches my personality – what my car says about me. Basically, I loveContinue reading “Personality Types: Meyers Briggs and Ennegram”

Let’s Break Gender Stereotypes.

I’m kind of adoring this comic by┬áMaritsa Patrinos of Seasonal Depression. Maritsa gets straight to the heart about what it takes to get girls interested with building toys like LEGOS. The answer isn’t juice bars or LEGO Shopping Malls or pretty pink anythings. It’s far more simple than that (I’m gonna make you read herContinue reading “Let’s Break Gender Stereotypes.”