KMBFBAG: Week Five

I think I’m up a pound or two? I don’t know, I’m not great at keeping track and I’m weighing myself in two different places – my bathroom scale and my WiiFit. At Saturdays weigh in, WiiFit told me I was at 207 and I was all, “Seriously, I need to gain weight at some point. How am I losing still?” I started my pregnancy at 207. I think I hit 209 at some point? Now I’m wondering if that was a fluke. This morning I was going to weigh myself one more time and do a body test before I wrote this but then the mailman came and I sprained my foot answering the door. Seriously. I’m having a stellar day. So I’m sitting here icing my foot thinking, “Damn, what now?” Clearly a workout is out of the question.

And I don’t feel like turning on the wii and dragging out the balance board just to weigh myself. So I hobbled into the bathroom and tried that scale which pronounced me 210. I’m going to have to start comparing what the bathroom scale tells me and what the WiiFit tells me just for curiosities sake. 210 actually made me happy. I know, I’m the weirdest woman ever. But according to normal women have gained about 10 pounds by now. So I figure a calorie counting keeping track of shit, over weight woman should have gained at least a pound or two right?

Anyway up until yesterday I worked out on the WiiFit every day. I had an 8 day streak and I was so proud but then I somehow missed getting in a workout yesterday in between eating my third slice of UnBirthday cake this week and other delicious indulgences. And then today I sprained my foot. So that might ruin my workout plans for the week. We’ll see. I am doing good with the water and for the most part I’m still rocking the calorie count. I’ve done pretty good about adding vegetables into my diet but somehow find myself slacking on fruits which is weird. My goals are just to maintain my status quo and try not to injure myself anymore this week.

How are your diets going?

4 thoughts on “KMBFBAG: Week Five

  1. You sprained your ankle answering the door? Some people will do anything to get out of working out! Just kidding.

    Just keep being conscious of what you’re eating and eventually it will become second nature to choose healthier options. Considering you’re pregnant, you should be focusing more on making healthy food choices than weight loss.

    Keep up the positive attitude and try not to hurt yourself anymore! :0)


  2. I have to laugh (with you) on the sprain the ankle thing as that would totally be something I would do. It sounds like getting the mail is a exciting part of your day..I know it is around here anyway. 🙂


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