This is my first time participating in a Small Talk Six on Saturdays. It’s hosted by the lovely ladies at MomDot. This week’s topic is to name 6 things you love that are green. Here are mine:

1. Money – I wouldn’t mind having more of it, in fact. It might be the root of all evil, but it’s also the route to most of my favorite things like food, shelter, Internet access and magazine subscriptions.

2. Grass – When the grass isn’t green, it’s pretty depressing. Then snow usually happens. But when you open the door one day to find the grass is not only visible but green – it’s a great feeling.

3. Kiwi Fruit – One of my favorite fruits, since I was little. My grandma actually has a kiwi fruit plant and I’ve always loved raiding her garden and picking a fresh snack.

4. Marzipan – It comes in lots of colors that all taste the same but for some reason the green is usually my favorite. Inexplicable, I know.

5. Being Green – I had to say it – I love all ways that I’ve found to be green, like shopping with reusable grocery bags – that’s probably my favorite green habit.

6. Spinach – It’s true. I’m one of those weird freaky people who loves spinach – cooked or fresh in a salad, etc. It’s good stuff!

What things do you love that are green? Be sure to link up your responses at MomDot if you play along!

9 responses to “6 Green Things I Love”

  1. Sues2u2 Avatar

    Okay you had me w/ everything but the marzipan (nasty stuff) & cooked spinach – not my fav although I will/do eat it. Love the fresh stuff in salads though. Ummmm


  2. FruitfulVine2 Avatar

    We can all use a little more money and spinach is a good thing to love. Green incidentally is my favorite color.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Aloha Friday post.


  3. vivienne Avatar

    I lurve money! Spinach yuk! Marzipan – definitely a no go here, but we are all different. Have a great Sunday.


  4. Jen@OurDailyBigTop Avatar

    Love avocados, guacamole, spinach, all shades of the color green. Fun post – might have to do this for St Paddy’s day.


  5. Krystyn Avatar

    That’s a pretty good green list. I like our grocery bags, too. Especially when I remember them!

    And, I love kiwi, too! I’ve never heard of anybody having a tree…that’s cool!


  6. Shannon Avatar

    I love fresh, crisp spinach in a salad too. Mmm!


  7. Staci A Avatar

    I love kiwis. I can’t believe I forgot about them on my list!


  8. Linda Avatar

    I like Spinach too!


  9. Irene Avatar

    Gotta say I put money on my list too. But spinach…uh, not so much. LOL!