Top 10 Photos from October

Can you believe it’s November already? I feel like October flew by so fast and was full of so many amazing memories and photographs! Here are my 10 favorite pictures from last month that I shared on my 365 project.

Pretty in pink. on 365 Project

I loved how this cell phone snapshot of a really pretty pink flower came out. I have been blown away by the detail my new phone’s camera has been capable of capturing and really liked this picture.

my little cub scout. on 365 Project

Despite the graininess of this photo, taken in poor lighting, I cannot look at this picture of MM in his cub scout uniform without swooning a little. He looks so grown up and so adorable and I’ve loved all of our Tiger Scout experiences so far!

close up cutie. on 365 Project

How beautiful is this pretty little close up shot of BB? This might be one of my favorites of the year. The autumn light is just stunning in this shot.

a perfect golden curl. on 365 Project

I took this on a morning walk at the Ice Age Trails and was so excited to go home and see how it came out. Virtually unedited, this picture came out exactly how I envisioned it – love when that happens!

Another morning at Starbucks. on 365 Project

A picture of BB eating a little mini tart at the Target Starbucks before shopping with mommy. I love how beautiful her skin looks with the sunlight coming in from the window next to us.

pop of color on 365 Project

I took this at Bookworm Gardens during our trip to Sheboygan, WI last month and it was one of my favorite pictures from the whole trip that wasn’t of my cute kids :O)

Visiting the Hundred Acre Woods. on 365 Project

This was probably my favorite picture of the family, also taken at Bookworm Gardens. How often do you get to visit The Hundred Acre Wood with your family?

Walking along the marina. on 365 Project

Another picture from Sheboygan, here’s a picture of MM walking along the coast of Lake Michigan on a beautiful October morning.

rose. on 365 Project

This picture of a white rose at Bookworm Gardens was so beautiful I was glad to use it as a filler shot after a lazy day of no pictures later in the week.

Bow ties are cool. on 365 Project

I got a lot of AMAZING pictures of MM dressed up as Doctor Who for Halloween this year – this picture was one of my favorites of the bunch. I call it, of course, “Bow ties are cool.”

That’s all for this month! So many fun family memories from October. What will November bring? I guess we’ll find out soon…

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