Things I Learned in March.


March certainly roared in here like a lion – a gusty, angry bitter cold lion that occasionally acted just tame enough that you forgot it was still totally willing to bite your head off if you wore the wrong jacket. Oh and the dryer broke, I had a cold for, like, basically forever and yelled a bunch. I’m so ready for that lamb part of the equation now, I can almost taste it. April? Come on in – make yourself at home. Feel free to bring some green grass, flowers and better health with you – I promise, I won’t mind!

Of course I’m exaggerating – some good stuff happened, too, and most of the bad stuff is really just a learning opportunity in disguise. Ohhhhh – was that a segue Jen? Nicely done!

Yup, I’m linking up again with Emily @ Chatting at the Sky to share the things I’ve learned this month – from lofty to silly and some gooey stuff in between.

  1. I had a bit of an epiphany about myself this month. I’ve often felt like a bit of a lop sided mess, personality wise. I can chat up total strangers at the grocery store with ease but sometimes want to duck and hide under the table at cub scout den meetings or karate classes (darn the lack of tables in karate) – I get pent up and ranty when I haven’t had enough social interaction but I am a champ at coming up with excuses to get out of said social interactions. I walk the same route in the grocery store every day and feel completely flustered if my husband steers me down a different path. I cannot stop myself from rearranging the dishes in the dishwasher before running it. I will cancel all plans if there is any snow on the ground or I don’t know where to park where I’m going. I have a tendency to worry about things obsessively and over think everything. What is up with me and how can I be better? This month I realized I am a bit of a control freak – but more importantly, I think that this diagnosis explains all the things that frustrate me about myself. Coming to this realization has been freeing because I feel like I understand myself better and also – since realizing this about myself, I’ve also noticed an improvement. I have learned that finding ways to give myself more control in situations makes me much more at ease and friendly and collected – the next step is to find peace with the moments where I’m simply not in control and learn to let go. Okay, longest paragraph ever, what??
  2. 1175354_10100357582818376_1317559113_nI learned that making a bun is really hard, especially on a squirmy four year old – but that a bun cover is the most genius invention ever and my saving grace. Seriously – the best.
  3. I re-learned to reevaluate situations when they start feeling overly complex – for instance, last month I finally decided to take BB out of karate and enroll her in ballet classes again and it was the most freeing thing ever. This month I was feeling really weighed down by the multiple blog thing and I made the executive decision to merge my blogs back into one space. Loving it!
  4. I learned that my daughter has inherited a very sharp, pointy wit. I’ve often joked that she’s a future Mean Girl in training but this month she really surprised me. I don’t know whether to be proud or concerned!
  5. I learned that my kids are a very weird mix of each parent – BB is apparently something of a math savant like daddy and can already count to 50 but she clings to to the bed for dear life each morning, refusing to get up, kinda like um me… MM is an early riser like his dad and has his dad’s crazy efficient memory and smarts – but he’s definitely inherited some of my control freak tendencies and my penchant for reading anything and everything. I could go on.
  6. I tried enrolling my dog in a doggy daycare program this month and learned that apparently my dog is too high energy for the high energy playgroup. Whaaatt? This was one of the last straws for me and after just absolutely losing it and wallowing in my own self pity, I picked myself up, got honest and enrolled him in more dog training – so glad I did. I’ve only done two classes and I’ve already learned a lot of great new tips and he has been doing better than ever.
  7. I learned that my kids think I have gigantic feet.

What have you learned this month?

7 responses to “Things I Learned in March.”

  1. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? Avatar

    Oh, the youthful wit. It’s killing me here.

    You’ve learned a lot this month. I was recently looking at the bun maker (I think that’s what it’s called). I might pick some up at the store.

    And, my kids have huge feet, too.


  2. Julie Avatar

    You are lots of fun. Glad I stopped by via Emily’s blog.


  3. Jean Avatar

    This is how I am with number 1. It really just takes me a sweet forever to warm up to new people and especially new people that I’m going to be spending 8 hours a day with for the next forever. People I’m only going to probably see once in my problem I can chat those people up. I also tend do the antisocial worry about stupid stuff anxiety.
    Great list! I think I may partake on this one. I’ve learned a lot this month too.


  4. Wanda Avatar

    Your tone is so funny. Number 1 on your list is very relatable. Nice to meet you!


  5. Linda@Creekside Avatar

    oh I love that photo. brilliant!
    thanks for coming by for a visit today ,,, so much fun to meet you, Jen!



  6. Yuko @ northfield gate Avatar

    I love you list! When I read #1, I thought I was reading about myself. Really. I’m a total extrovert, yet always try to avoid neighbors (awkward), etc. It’s great to know I’m not alone on this… have a lovely weekend!


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      Oh running into neighbors can be so awkward – I’m with you on this!