tbt: Niagara Falls Then and Now


niagarahotel-thenandnowWhat a difference 5 years makes! Niagara Falls in the early summer of 2009 / and again in July 2014! The last time we were here, MM was three years old and I was still seven months pregnant with little BB!

Hard to believe how much MM has grown in just 5 years and how surreal it seems to imagine having ever been a mother of just one. I don’t know if MM really remembers his first visit to Niagara Falls but I’m hoping he’ll remember this one someday (and now we have photographic evidence of both trips!).

I guess we’ll need to go again in another 5 years so that we can get another picture. He’ll be a surely teenager by then!

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3 thoughts on “tbt: Niagara Falls Then and Now

  1. Oh, yes, definitely again in another 5 years. My hubby wants to go. He’s never been and I went in middle school! Maybe it will be our first no-kiddo trip?


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